Cessna 172 N

This 1979  Skyhawk 172 has a standard six pack gauge panel.   Currently VFR only. 

$80 hourly wet rate



Cessna 172 N

A staple of the general aviation community. Our 1978 model N has a Lycoming 0-320 series engine. Standard six pack gauge. Certified IFR equipped with the Garmin 430W , Garmin flight stream and Foreflight Sentry. You now have incredible functionality with your mobile devices that include ADS-B traffic & weather.

$80 hourly wet rate


Pairing Foreflight with the Garmin 430 in 15E & 03H

You can now create a flight plan on your mobile device and send it directly to the Garmin 430 when you get in the cockpit. watch this quick tutorial.

Connecting your device tutorial

 Take full advantage of the new features available with your mobile devices.


Piper Archer II

Our 1979 Archer is powered by a 180 hp Lycoming power plant. Certified for IFR flight. Recent updates include dual G5 Attitude and DG instruments and a GFC 500 series autopilot. The Garmin 430W and Garmin Flight Stream will seamlessly integrate your mobile devices. Connect to the Foreflight Sentry to get  ADS-B traffic alerts and weather. 

$80 hourly wet rate